[dunkelbunt] presents SUN DUB VOL 2 – A Spicy Blend Of Balkan Beats, Electro Swing, Oriental Dub, Tarantella, Mestizo and many more…

Sun Dub Vol 2

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“Travelling on the wings of sound… this is a dream becoming reality. Since years now, I breathe the air of various cultures, really enjoying the babylonian mix of voices on this planet. I am truly blessed to have found my destination, and to live it. Music showed me the world and helped me to grow – thanks to those encounters with wonderful people who happen to have a place in my heart. All that is really something very special to me, a real treasure!

With SUN DUB VOL 2, I would like to present a decent selection of my music as well as music crafted by people from my field. A fine blend, made to relax or dance to, made to dream and draw positive energy from. These are some of the encounters that happened to influence me over the course of the last few years… enjoy!”

Ulf Lindemann aka [dunkelbunt] surely counts among the most influential global beat troubadours of the early 21st century. With „Sun Dub Vol. 2“ [dunkelbunt] happily escapes from within the boundaries of all things „balkan/gypsy“ in order to finally present the entire [dunkelbunt] universe: from electro swing and oriental dub via mestizo and tarantella over to nu asian sounds and back, Mr. Lindemann explores the fine art of setting the dancefloor on fire by dropping the nicest grooves and at the same time providing pretty laid back excitement.

Think a wide variety of rare (maybe almost forgotten) tracks, exclusive edits and as-of-yet unreleased remixes (a.o. courtesy of Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar, Stefano Miele (Riva Starr), Shazalakzoo, Frohlocker, !Dela Dap, Malente, Eastenders & Bajka and of course [dunkelbunt] himself) because that’s just how the man rolls… in the mix, that is.

With this, the long awaited 2nd volume of his highly acclaimed „Sun Dub“ compilation, [dunkelbunt] strikes again on a global scale. Being a trained piano player as well as a dedicated globetrotter, this man is constantly curious for everything musical on this planet. „This world is huge and offers such a wide variety of musical styles, so i never would even dare to deal with only one of them really. I am a free spirit. Today I like this, tomorrow it might be that. I prefer it colourful and all mixed up. Life is all about variety!“Fueled by (and carefully blended with) contemporary electronic club sound, this attitude provides a highly unique and rather organic overall vibe.

Still there’s that certain [dunkelbunt] trademark sound on „Sun Dub Vol. 2“, too. Check the opening track „Floresty In Dub“, the great „To Proto“ remix for Stefano Miele as well as the sunny reinterpretation of his own instant classic „Cinnamon Girl“. And simply because our man tends to write PERFECTION in capital letters, senor [dunkelbunt] has crafted original edits of !DelaDap’s „Kaj Tu Salas“ and the Amsterdam Klezmer Band’s „Smokin Guns & A Holy Bible“ to round of the mix just… perfectly. As if that wasn’t good enough already, [dunkelbunt] did not just simply remix Analogik’s „Gypsy Doodle“, but went and added lead vocals in his mother tongue instead for the very first time, with the result being dubbed „Morgenlandstreicher“

One of these days, Fabian Pollock from NIFTYS knocked on my door to hand me over a CD, stating „I am your new neighbour, and this is sort of like what I do.“ This first meeting was followed by many more ever since, with friendship and music as a solid base. After numerous events like our BALKAN HOT STEP party craze and recording sessions for my album MORGENLANDFAHRT, FLORESTY IN DUB now marks the first official NIFTYS & [dunkelbunt] collaboration – a remake of the traditional SIRBA TO FLORESTY. The layouts for this tune happened to live inside my notebook for years, and working on it makes me reminisce about travelling. Cutting recordings in Cape Town, arranging & composing on the Prince’s Islands near Istanbul or that tiny bit of a hard drive crash in Vienna. Some songs simply need a few years to grow, you just have t3o leave them for a bit and should only dedicate a bit of work to them every now & then. Just like some healing herbs that you only harvest around full moon, in order to unfold all their magic. Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Niftys & [dunkelbunt] – Floresty in Dub by dunkelbunt

Hey hey, jee jee, TAKE ME BACK TO PIAUI… now that surely is a tune that is very hard to get rid of once it has entered your head. There are some hooks that you go to bed at night with, humming them – and in the morning they are still there. Could even be you go to a club to listen to a vast amount of various tunes from all sorts of genres – and once you get out of that club, there’s that hook again, coming to haunt you: hey hey, jee jee… Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Amorf Ördögök feat. Lipi Brown – Dunántúli Sláger by dunkelbunt

Only once every few years I am lucky enough to find a song so full of magic as DUNÁNTÚLI SLÁGER, in a version by AMORF ÖRDÖGÖK & LIPI BROWN. Whenever that sort of situation occurs, I unplug the phone, lock the door and press the repeat button on my CD player… for hours! I completely love the sound of those hungarian lyrics, although I hardly understand a word at all. I heard through the grapevine though that it’s all about a love not meant to be…
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Juca Chaves – Take Me Back To Piaui (Dubben Remix) by dunkelbunt

Listening to TO PROTO in 2005 made me become aware of the musical works of STEFANO MIELE and the South Italian folk music called „Tarantella“. It dawned on us pretty fast: we simply have to set up some collaborations in that genre! One of these is WHITE CHOCOLATE BUTTERFLY, another one is the TO PROTO remix. The latter came about in the summer of 2008 on my tour through North America – on the plane crossing the Atlantic Ocean, while killing time in those airport gates as well as in spending comfort time in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights, visiting the Soul Cocina family: Roger, Desiré and that little lively fellow Anthony Django, who I dedicate this song to…
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Stefano Miele feat. Ghetonìa – To Proto [dunkelbunt remix] by dunkelbunt

Barcelona – once the heat of the day has vanished in the evening, people come out of their houses. The later it gets, the more life is right there on the streets. People stroll along the nicest plazas, get a bit of that tasty Tapas food and then dance the Rumba or some Flamenco in the clubs. Yet the best underground events happen to go down on the beaches outside the city limits. Places like fairytale paradises, far far away from all things tourism and chique… DJ sets for sunset, Nightswimming in a sea lit by moon rays and musica tequlia until early dawn. In fact DJ ANDY LOOP, the man behind legendary BRAZZELONA SESSIONS, and BERTA RIBAS (of DJ project ALBERTA IN LOVE), were the ones to invite me first to play in Barcelona. In fact, they introduced me to the sound of Barcelona and Catalonia. Berta made me familiar with the sounds of the band NOMHADAS. Upon listening to EN LA BUSQUEDA, I immediately want to go back to Barcelona and its beaches. Greetings to the Canet De Mare crew, Martin, Esteban & Co.!
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – NOMHADAS – En La Búsqueda by dunkelbunt

Tarantella á la electronique! This is a massive gold nugget from the hills of Napoli, dugged out and polished by STEFANO MIELE – a master of his trade, also known as RIVA STARR… suspicious of never catching any sleep… or, at least, having something like a serious doppelganger, because that guy appears everywhere. And ABBALLABBA serves as a wonderful transition track from Balkan vibes to latin beats in a DJ set. Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Lino Cannavacciuolo – Abballabbà (Stefano Miele Remix) by dunkelbunt

Spinning with Nickodemus at “Turntables On The Hudson“ in New York City, I’ll never forget his face expression upon me dropping HIPBRASS. “What the fuck is this, man? Gotta have that!“. This tune happens to be always a part of my sets since about a year. Pure genius, like all productions by FROHLOCKER. No matter where I play this song, whether it’s in Paris, Montreal or Moscow: people always come up to ask „who made that song?“. On a funny side note: the FROHLOCKER guys are busy producing baby apparel when not making beats… in a GALOPP RECORDS stylee, of course.
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Frohlocker – Hipbrass by dunkelbunt

With MALENTE’s TWIST, I happen to combine 2 things: a boiling dancefloor filled with people who twist their knees and shake all their bones… as well as the place where I heard that song first… it was on a boat in Istanbul. Whenever I visit the unique metropolis on the banks of the Bosporus, I happen to live at the place of friends of mine, who are based on the Prince’s Islands (Büyük Ada), about an hour with the boat from the center of town. No traffic lights, no traffic jam, no stress at all when travelling between that place and the city’s heart on a daily basis. Add a good book and a headset filled with music… while passing by that almost unreal skyline: the brimming city, the sparkling sea, the snow covered mountains in the distance and that swarm of seagulls following the boat. Hooray to the shuffle mode of my mp3-player…
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Malente – Twist by dunkelbunt

During my childhood, I enjoyed most to play ragtime, swing and boogie woogie on my piano. The faster the songs, the more I liked them! I remember me and my sister almost fighting over who was entitled to play the piano next. Sooner or later, these roots were bound to make an imprint on my creative work of nowadays. And so, the idea of writing a song like CINNAMON GIRL dawned on me. The layouts were basically being made during my Australia tour in 2008, missing my girlfriend on the other side of the world…

A healthy dose of Balkan Brass comes courtesy of BOBAN I MARKO MARKOVIC ORKESTAR, whose recordings I could access while doing my PIRANHA RE:INTERPRETATIONS album a while ago. I am always happy to recieve such a lot of positive feedback on this song… until today, every dancefloor fills up fast once I drop this. It’s almost a bit scary…

Now I find myself sitting on my desk in snowy white Vienna, working on the CINNAMON GIRL IN THE SUN version while looking forward to the summer very much! Not only because our firewood is almost gone… CINNAMON GIRL by the way is dedicated to my girl and we happen to sing that song together. (For all those looking for the vocals in vein on this release, let me tell you that CINNAMON GIRL IN THE SUN is an instrumental!). Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – [dunkelbunt] feat. Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestra – Cinnamon Girl In The Sun by dunkelbunt

Bands who are difficult to pigeonhole deserve all my love and respect. Just because every song sort of sounds different to the one before. One of the reasons why I was so happy to be asked for a remix by ANALOGIK.
With every song or remix I create, I try to aim at doing something different or fusing something thats not so obvious… that also counts for things I never did respectively matters I have to learn about. It’s got to be a challenge in order to get me going. With GIPSY DOODLE, I aimed at being an MC on top of just remixing… in my mother tongue, that is.
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Analogik & [dunkelbunt] – Gypsie Doodle feat. Morgenlandstreicher by dunkelbunt

The idea to KEBAB CONNECTION hit me when watching the movie by the same name, taking place in my hometown, Hamburg. A very funny and entertaining story about German and Turkish culture clashing. Moved by the movie’s theme song, I met up with clarinet player HIDAN MAMUDOV in the studio. Around the same time, I happened to meet CLOUD TISSA… that way, the seeds for KEBAB CONNECTION were planted. Kenian dancehall meets Balkan beats… during the summer of 2007. Meanwhile, there are some phat reworks crafted by truly talented big shots, e.g. SAVAGES Y SUEFO from Budapest, Belgrade based SHAKALAKAZOO and FORTY THIEVES ORKESTAR from London… as well as yet another version made by myself, called KEDUB. The hick up you can hear during this version comes courtesy of my little daughter who happened to be only 3 days old at the time of the recording session.
Sun Dub Vol (((2))) – [dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa – Kebab Connection (Kedub) by dunkelbunt

Sun Dub Vol (2) – [dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa – Kebab Connection (Paprika by Savages y Suefo) by dunkelbunt

Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – [dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa – Kebab Connection (Forty Thieves Orkestar Remix) by dunkelbunt

Sun Dub Vol (((2))) – [dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa – Kebab Connection (Shawarma remix by Shazalakazoo) by dunkelbunt

The original version of !DELADAP’s KAJ TU SALAS was included on the first volume of SUN DUB already. This new version is hard to beat though, very minimalistic and right on point! Ever since I got hold of STEFANO MIELE’s remix, it counts among my personal top 10 of Balkan beats. Another proof for Stefano’s magical touch…
Sun Dub Vol (((2))) – !Dela Dap – Kaj Tu Salas (Stefano Miele & [dunkelbunt] Remix) by dunkelbunt

Another monday night in Vienna: it’s DUB CLUB time at the FLEX. On a warm summer evening in 2008, Stefan Müller aka DJ EASTENDERS entered the turntables. I lean towards a wall, analyze the sound and let that big bad bass massage my body & brains. To understand what BASS really means, you simply must make that FLEX experience at least once. All of a sudden, I am wide awake… wait a minute, that must be the AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND – the same hook I used for a song named La Reverdere a few years earlier. But what wicked version is this, please, and why the hell is it unknown to me then? SMOKIN GUNS & A HOLY BIBLE, by LUCIUS 14, Stefan tells me with a twinkle in his eyes… a song sort of like made for being played at the FLEX. And where would we be without our DJ EASTENDERS who always gets the hottest bootlegs first? How on earth does he do that?
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Lucius 14 – Smokin Guns & A Holy Bible [dunkelbunt edit] by dunkelbunt

By the way, his project EASTENDERS is featured on SUN DUB VOL 2 with „CAPITALISM“ featuring the charismatic voice of singer BAJKA.
SUN DUB VOL (((2))) – Eastenders – Capitalism (Zilver&GoldRemix) by dunkelbunt

It took a lot of travelling the globe to finally being introduced to producer duo SHAZALAKAZOO… although they happen to live just a few hundred kilometers from where I reside: Belgrade. It was in Melbourne/Australia when Brian May aka DJ DELAY played me a few of their songs. Back then already, although being an electronica act, some of their productions were sporting that Balkan flavour. Meanwhile, and with big tunes like BRASSHOPPER PLAGUE in the can, SHAZALAKAZOO count among the creme of the Balkan beats scene. And when you meet them, you’ll understand immediately why their beats are that grand: the boys simply can’t sit still, they are permanently grooving. As if somebody has implanted a loop station in their brain… and I kid you not. I am of the profound opinion that this is how they roll even when they sleep.
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Shazalakazoo – Brasshopper Plague by dunkelbunt

ADHAM SHAIKH’s album FUSION put a spell on me during the winter of 2006/7 and happened to constantly play on my car stereo during endless long drives through Austria’s snowy winter wonderlands. Psychedelic dub at its best! Chances are you can hear that longing for sunlight and cosy summer evenings – because that Canadian winter that happens to be a part of Adham’s life is very likely to make that sort of dream occur. Adham & I almost met during the Californian Earthdance Festival in 2008 – almost, because the US border police decided not to let the man enter their country. What a shame indeed! Hey Adham, until today I ask myself: what was it that you were hiding among your records?
Sun Dub Vol ((2)) – Adham Shaikh – Ohm (Transfix Mix) by dunkelbunt

So far, so good. See you on the road & keep the spirits high! Yours, Ulf Lindemann alias [dunkelbunt]


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